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A city with a big future and a plan to get there

Our story captures what we all knew already – that Sheffield is an amazing city bursting with character, with fantastic people and assets. As a leading modern city we also have a global role to play in finding solutions to the complex challenges facing people and the planet.

And we’ve now got a plan to get there – a shared set of City Goals for Sheffield that are built from the ambitions of the people of this city, their ideas and what they want to see for Sheffield’s future.

These shared Goals build from the city’s existing strengths and set a course for a bright future where more people can be part of Sheffield’s prosperity. But achieving the Goals is premised on everyone in Sheffield pulling in the same direction, with communities, organisations and businesses finding new and creative ways to work together, sharing success and tackling challenges.

The Goals aren’t about one person or one organisation – they need collective effort with everyone playing a role and contributing. This is Sheffield City Council’s plan for how we are going to play our role over the coming four years – working together with the city to achieve its Goals.