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Great neighbourhoods

Great neighbourhoods that people are happy to call home

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Sheffield has brilliant, distinctive, safe and diverse neighbourhoods: the places we meet friends and bring up our families, the places we call home. We want people to be happy with where they live, to be able to access the services and facilities they need close to home, and able to make the most of everything all the city’s neighbourhoods have to offer.

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All Sheffield’s neighbourhoods will be clean, green and safe places to live and visit. They should be welcoming and healthy environments for people to spend time together, live healthily, move around and belong in their communities.

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We will work with Sheffielders to protect and enhance the local environment. Recognising that communities may be affected in different ways, and that the most disadvantaged are likely to be most severely impacted, we will help deliver shared solutions which improve how local neighbourhoods work for people and contribute to Sheffield’s resilience to climate change.

Our priorities for the next 4 years

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Increase the availability, quality and range of housing in our neighbourhoods

Sheffield’s homes should be fit for the present and the future. We will support everyone to have access to a secure, stable home by increasing the provision availability of Council and other affordable homes, and support people with the most urgent need including those at risk of or facing homelessness. We will focus on improving the fabric structure of Sheffield’s homes and reducing carbon emissions, building in climate resilience. We will work across all types of housing so more homes are fit to live in and support the health of the people that live in them.

Ensure more parks and green spaces are high quality and maintained

Parks and green spaces should be safe, welcoming and fit for purpose. We will work towards all parks reaching the Sheffield Standard, of being Safe, Clean, Welcoming and Accessible, by 2030. We will work with communities to keep parks and green spaces financially and ecologically sustainable for the long term, conserving their heritage, and championing, caring for and protecting Sheffield’s ecology and biodiversity.

High quality neighbourhoods which are clean, green, resilient and safe, and where people can live healthy lives

Neighbourhoods will meet high standards for clean and well-maintained streets and on waste and recycling. We will work with partners to ensure our neighbourhoods are safe places and feel safe for all residents, tackling anti-social behaviour where it exists. We will create more and safer options for everyone to move around, providing choices that support walking, wheeling and cycling. Neighbourhoods should be places that support health and provide resilience against the challenges of climate change.

Work with communities to improve the places and spaces that make neighbourhoods great places to live and be active

Working with communities and through Local Area Committees, we will improve local facilities and support local centres and high streets so that people have vibrant, safe places and spaces where they can come together in their neighbourhoods. We will make the most of local strengths, investing in and securing the future of sport and physical activity facilities in areas of city that need it most, working with Community Youth Hubs to provide opportunities and safe spaces for young people, and continuing to support the network of Welcome Places across the city.

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