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Policy drivers

Our triple lock

We will challenge ourselves to make a positive contribution to the city’s future through our triple lock: three policy drivers that together will guide everything we do. There’s no priority order here, and none are optional: Sheffield and its people cannot thrive without all three. Sheffield’s future is rooted in people fulfilling their potential - it is the point of everything we are trying to achieve.

A growing, prosperous city economy that leads the change to net zero and in which everyone can participate is key to creating opportunities for more citizens to thrive: we cannot succeed without it. But growth and prosperity that comes at the expense of the climate will only be bad for the people of the city and natural environment we cherish. We must tie all three aims together:


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We will listen, involve and work with the people of our great city. We will celebrate and stand up for the diversity of Sheffield, maximising the assets and strengths of communities, connecting more people into the city’s success and creating opportunities for everyone. We want everyone in Sheffield to achieve their potential with fulfilling and healthy lives.


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We are a growing, creative, internationally leading city economy. We will prioritise Sheffield’s long-term prosperity, taking tough decisions to deliver sustainable growth that genuinely benefits our communities and makes every part of our city better off. The more our people succeed, the more our whole city will succeed.


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Sheffield will be a successful, accessible city which prospers, while protecting the environment for future generations. We have an opportunity to play a leading role in a just transition to a low carbon future for Sheffield, with a growing green economy; respecting our Outdoor City and treating our planet well; creating a sustainable future with communities.

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