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City on the move

A city on the move – growing, connected and sustainable

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Successful cities have growing populations as they are magnets for skills, business and culture, and places where people feel they can get on and have fulfilling lives. For people to succeed and be part of life in the city, we need to build more homes and invest in infrastructure so they can live in and move around the city safely, affordably and sustainably.

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Sheffield already plays a major role in transforming our world: home to internationally leading research, innovation and product development in advanced manufacturing and life sciences, and the UK’s first Investment Zone. We need more business and people to be part of these dynamic opportunities, connecting supply chains and more companies into Sheffield’s new economy, driving up demand for new skills, jobs and ideas.

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Sheffield’s future is rooted in the transition to a green, net zero way of living, working, moving and fuelling our lives. This is about protecting the things we hold dear – our own and our families’ health, and Sheffield’s unique natural environment. It is also an opportunity: for new jobs, skills and careers in low carbon industries, retrofitting homes and infrastructure; for using Sheffield’s ingenuity and maker expertise to build new industries; for better, more affordable ways of heating homes, getting around the city and removing proven risks to health.

Our priorities for the next 4 years 

The Chimney House in Sheffield

More homes for a sustainably growing city with choice, quality and affordability across Sheffield

We will make rapid progress towards our target of 36,000 new homes in Sheffield over the next 17 years, including 900 affordable homes each year. This will mean building Council homes, as well as working with investors and developers to build the other homes that Sheffield needs. We will make places that people want to live in, focusing on high quality distinctive neighbourhoods with infrastructure, green space, amenities and public services.

Develop a reliable, quick and affordable transport system to power our green growth ambitions

We will work with the Mayor of South Yorkshire to develop a bus network that matches our ambitions for a growing city and makes buses an easy and green choice for more people.  We will continue to develop Sheffield’s active travel network and will develop proposals to expand the tram network to make the daily commute easier and ensure that low-carbon mass transit reaches more parts of the city.

Drive prosperity and lead global industrial transformation through innovation

We will support the growth of world-leading sectors and capabilities to attract investment into South Yorkshire. With partners, we will bring together business support, with tailored skills and training, incubation and finance to accelerate ideas to market. Quality of place and space matters to attract investment and help new businesses start up and we will continue to link existing sites into Sheffield’s sustainable innovation district.

Become a leading city in the journey to a net zero, climate resilient future, creating new opportunities

We will be a leader in the transition to a net zero city and economy, using all the levers available to us to reduce the climate impact of homes, businesses, energy sources and travel to transform our city and benefit from being a modern and sustainable city. We will lead by example, aiming to reduce the council’s net carbon greenhouse gas emissions by 95% by 2030 and working with partners to secure external investment to drive our transition and create new green economic opportunities.

Supertram at Catherdral tramstop